Srijana Nepal Risk Analyst 28 years old

Dutch directness is refreshing to work with.

I like Dutch humour and the chance to be yourself.

Why did you move to the Netherlands?

I am married to a Dutchman and I moved here for him in 2016. We are based in Den Bosch. After having worked for different companies in the Netherlands, we both quit our jobs in an attempt to start our own company.

Based on your experience, what are the main benefits you got regarding your professional career?

Having the ability to work freely, authority over my work and the chance to better myself professionally.

What about the disadvantages you could face…

I did experience a little delay in taking decisions in companies, lack of accountability sometimes and also a prejudice regarding people from Nepal and India.
In general, I noticed that your progress is dependent on how big a mouth you have and not necessarily the level of work you do.

What do you like the most about working in the NL?

Management style is not outdated, at least in most workplaces. More managers believe in the “multiplier effect” rather than the micromanagement approach.

Do you feel you made a big step in your career by coming to the NL?

Yes, I did. I did not move to The Netherlands for career purposes but my move did enhance my career in Risk Analysis.
I don’t think I could have had the chance to find the same kind of job opportunity in Nepal.

What are the main positive and negative points you got on a personal development level by moving to the NL? 

The position of women in the NL is far better compared to my home country. It made it easier for me to be myself and express my opinions in a safe environment. I learned a lot from the directness of Dutch culture and the importance of saying no.
Coming from a very warm culture, the individuality and the distance in the workplace is sometimes hard to understand.

Living in the Netherlands… what do you like and what you don’t?

I like my freedom, the chance to be me completely.
The distance between people makes it harder to make good relationships.

Give me some reasons why you would recommend living and working in the Netherlands to someone else.

Dutch directness is refreshing to work with. I like Dutch humour, and also the chance to be yourself.