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  • What if you want to recruit international employees to join your organization?
  • What if you want to add an international perspective to your employer branding strategy?
  • What if you have the ambition to increase diversity in your teams?
  • What if you have to recruit in multiple countries to staff your local offices?
  • What if you wish to participate in an international Career Event?
  • What if …?

At JointheDutch we  have not only brainstormed about this, we have developed these ideas into an International Recruitment Service provider.

We offer you transparent solutions and a wide range of services with the focus on international candidates, both in- or outside of the Netherlands. Whether they joined or will JointheDutch, both work for us!
We want to become your preferred recruitment partner, with our dedicated focus on international professionals. We prefer to work together with your teams on long-term strategic and recurring type of activities, although we feel perfectly okay to work on a one-time and more ad-hoc requirement as well.

First and for all, JointheDutch delivers what you are looking for!



Job Fairs coverage

Campus Recruitment activities

Social Media

Strategic Communications


Job profiling

Job posting




Dedicated support


Learning & Development advisory

Job hunting for your new hire’s relatives

Or Bring Your Own Idea.

Challenge us and be surprised by our creative solutions.

JointheDutch in a nutshell:

  • International recruiters able to speak 7 different languages in total
  • Dedicated to international talents
  • Offering customized recruitment & staffing solutions
  • Experienced with international hires
  • Dutch Labor Market Knowledge & Network
  • Attending career events in Europe

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A client case 

One of our clients, Imec, was struggling with the recruitment of Analog IC Design Engineers. Typically these PhD’s are very scarce and Dutch universities educate only a limited amount of students annually. The question we received was to recruit international top talent from top universities worldwide. So we made a scan of international options and came up with South Korea as the place to go.

We made contact with four main universities and announced our presence in due time. We advertised our trip and invited candidates to apply. We selected resumes, had an initial online meeting to check interest and English language skills and decided to meet the best candidates in person during our 10 day trip around the country.

The results were fantastic. We interviewed 23 candidates in Korea, continued the process with 9 and offered 3 candidates a job in Netherlands/Belgium. Furthermore, we kept in touch with 2 more candidates as they wanted to finish PhD/Post-Doc first.

JOBarcelona ’20 Digital Edition

For the second year, we attended the job fair JOBarcelona held in July. This year, we could not go physically to Barcelona, so the event took place digitally.

In our webinar, we talked about JointheDutch, the challenges and benefits of working abroad and our career opportunities in the Netherlands!

In the video below, the Q&A session of the event!



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