Philip Italy Consultant 33 years old

Working in the NL:
directness and flat hierarchy.

Professional career
When I first moved to the NL I had to take a few steps back in my career. But then a few steps up followed. In the NL, promotions happen relatively fast. I like that here you have the freedom to address topics directly with all levels of hierarchy. But I would say I could have the same type of working opportunity also in my home country.
What I like the most about working in the NL is the directness and the flat hierarchy.

Personal development
By coming in the NL, I’ve been exposed to several different cultures and people. I think this could be considered a positive point. Nevertheless, it could cause some stress having to quickly adjust to the new environment, weather, food, new job, new social circle!

Living in the NL
Currently, I live in Utrecht. Things here work and are well organized. Negative points could be the weather and the food! But I intend to stay in the NL for the upcoming years!