Na China Financial Management Consultant 26 years old

In my current Junior position, I am learning a lot!

Hi! My name is Na, I come from China, and I’m 26 years old. I’ve been living in the Netherlands since 2013, and currently, I’m located in Amsterdam. I work full-time as a Financial Management Consultant and I hold a Master’s degree that I obtained here in the Netherlands.

Working in the Netherlands has pros and cons as it would be everywhere. Here, people have a good balance between work and personal life. I have enough personal time to enjoy life!
I believe that it is a disadvantage to not speak Dutch, as there could be some barriers because of that. For example, the fact that I speak both Mandarin and English, do not guarantee me an advantage in the labour market. I’m still considering whether I did a big step in my career by choosing to work in the NL. To be honest, I believe that I would have had the same chance to find the same kind of job in China!

In my current Junior position, I am learning a lot. I believe this is an advantage of working in the Netherlands. My role is perceived not only as a support, but the approach here is “learning by doing”, so I am fully involved in the projects. I appreciate the fact that there is no strong ‘hierarchical feeling’ in my workplace. My colleagues are nice and friendly. I haven’t found yet something that I don’t like about working here.

I intend to live here for more than a year and I suggest you do the same in you meet two conditions:
• You are an optimist
• You have an outgoing personality
And you need to put into account the bad weather and the cold food at lunch! 😉