Marzia Italy Service Analyst 28 years old

I became more independent and I improved my communication skills.

I think that compared to my home country, here the living standards and working conditions are better. In the Netherlands, I have the opportunity to earn more money compared to Italy and I have a nice work-life balance. I like the flexibility in my workplace. Since I’ve been living here, I became more independent and improved my communication skills. Sometimes there are some cultural differences that make things more difficult.

Working in the Netherlands gives you more opportunities to find the job you’ve studied for. There are not so many downsides, maybe there is a bit of resistance from Dutch companies to hire international people but since in Amsterdam, where I live, there are many international companies as well, it’s just preferable to apply for those. I don’t think I would have had the same kind of job opportunity back in Italy.

What do I like the least? The bad weather condition and some of the cultural differences with native people here.

I am planning to stay here for some more years to gain more work experience. I would recommend living in the Netherlands to other professionals, again the working conditions and the living standards are better than other countries!