Deepthi India Developer and Operations Engineer 25 years old

I became a stronger and
a more independent woman!

From a professional but also a personal perspective, I made a huge step in my career moving to the Netherlands. It has been an exciting experience the fact to get involved in a new culture and a new way of doing. Working in an open-minded country as the Netherlands helped me so much in achieving my professional goals. Before leaving India, it was essential for me to move to a new place and prove myself and to show to the world that women can achieve anything without depending on men; and I have the opportunity to do this here.

I believe that I could have the chance to find kind of job opportunity in my home country, but the difference here is not about the job, it’s about the way of working, the way people think and treat colleagues and the culture… Everything is different. I’ve got more freedom to lead my life the way I like it. I also think I became a stronger and more independent woman.

Even if I miss my family and friends in India, I would love to stay here because I like this place and I’m enjoying my work and also exploring new cities and learning many new things. The Netherlands is a fantastic place to work and a very expat-friendly country which gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and develop yourself.